What was the inspiration behind this collection?
I am a strong proponent of encouraging children to experience the world around them through art and believe that parents and caregivers should recognize the art children create as more than just some scribbles on a page, they are steps in growth that when put together are pretty amazing.

Where did the interest in art as growth come from?

I was in a waiting room one day and noticed a child coloring a picture for their mother. When the child boldly approached to give her the picture, she hardly looked up from the magazine and dismissed the child entirely. The picture was dropped on the floor and I noticed that this child drew a picture of the entire waiting room; I was amazed at how much this child took in of the world around them and began to notice it in the art created by my children as well.

How do the artists feel who created the work about it being used?

Both Sonya and Vincent are extremely excited to have their works displayed and used in this collection. They were both very involved in the process of selecting the work and have shared more details with me about what their thought process was while they were being artistic that day.

What do I hope people will take away after viewing this collection?

I hope that this collection provides a sense of joy and wonder, perhaps even inspiration to create something on your own!