How many photos this digital library have?
We have 80 photos covering pictures taken in Belgium, China, Dakar, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, United States, and Venezuela

What formats are available?

Our collection includes image, audio, video in jpeg, mp3, mp4, and PDF files

Can I use the images in the collection?

You can use some of them which are in the public domain, however, in order to use the copyrighted ones should have the permission of the photographers (if possible) or companies that own the items

What program do I need to access the PDF documents?

You should probably install the PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, or other PDF software

Are there any restrictions to using this collection?
Yes, those items are allowed to use only for personal purpose, they cannot be transimit or publish without the permission of the copyright owner

Who can I contact with other questions?

You can email us through email which are listed in the about page

How can I add comments to an item?

Absolutely, comments could be added under certain items that you might choose. Click on the comments tag, then you can add comments including your username

How can I add a tag? What is a tag?

Adding tags is in the same catagory with adding comments. Clicking on 'add tags' then type in the name of the tags you want to add