How do I access the collection?

There are multiple ways to access the Other Side of the Pentagram's collection. First and foremost, you can simply select any objects from the randomly generated carousel. Additionally, there are suggested topics listed in the footer of the landing page.
Otherwise to access the whole collection in its entirety, simply click the "Browse" tab at the top of the landing page. This will bring you to a search box while displaying the first page of the collection below.

What are the parameters for searching?

You can do a simple search by simply clicking in the search box and typing in any information. This defaults to searching every parameter including subjects, the title, the digital ID, etc. Do note though that in all instances the search function is character sensitive. For instance, searching for MOV_00 will not display all objects with IDs beginning with those characters. You would have to search the actual ID MOV_001 to pull up Patricia's Collection (MP4).
You can also select "advanced search" with one field available as default. You can add additional fields out of six different parameters (Digital ID, Title, Subject, Contributor, Original Item Medium, and Digital File Format) are available. From here you can do an "and" search or an "or" search by combining fields. Just note additional searches will combine search terms so you will need to remove previous search terms or simply return to the landing or browse pages.

What formats are available?

All images are JPEGs while the videos are a mix of MP4, WMV, and uploaded URLs linking to their YouTube sources. PDFs are used for displaying the entirety of the Tarot of Vampyres and the Halloween Oracle. The interview of Patricia is an MP3.

What are some copyright issues in this collection?

Unless otherwise noted, all objects belong to either Tyler Smith or his associate, Patricia. Two YouTube links are accessible in their native webpages but not directly viewable within this digital library.

What programs do I need to access these objects?

You will need Adobe Reader for the PDF files and almost any video playback program for using the MP4, WMV, and MP3 files if you download them. CONTENTdm does not support WMV, so this file can only be downloaded and not viewed within the webpage. The most recent Flash Media Player is also recommended.

Can I post comments?

Yes, comments are allowed but will monitored and subject to removal at any time.
To post a comment, simply access any given object within the collection and click the drop down tab for "comments" under the description. A text box for your comment and another for your name are provided. Simply click "Post Comment" when you are finished.

Can I post any tags to the objects in this collection?

At this time user tagging is not permitted.

What if I have further questions?

Please direct any further questions about the collection to Tyler Smith at smit2622@uwm.edu.