Art Environments of Wisconsin

How do I access the collection?
You can browse the collection or search. By using the advanced search feature, you can search various areas - Artist, Artist Environment, Materials, or Status. On the results screens, users can also narrow results bypreviously mentioned facets as well.

Can I download images on Art Environments of Wisconsin?

Yes, users can download both archival quality images (lossless format) as well as medium size image (lossy format maximum of 500X500 pixels).

Can I use the images in the collection?

Images may be used as long as Fair Use applies.

What program do I need to access the PDF documents?

Users will need Adobe Acrobat to view .pdf documents.

Are there any restrictions to using this collection?
Documents may not be mass produced or solf for profit. Items in the bare mace Art Museum fall under Copyright Act of 1976.

Who can I contact with other questions?

Follow the Contact Us link for all other questions.

How can I stay up to date with the bare mace organization

Makre sure to follow us facebook and twitter! Follow the share links.

How can I learn about other Art Environments?

Make sure to check out Spaces Archives - link found in the Resources page.