Following are common questions about the use of the collection. If you do not see your question here, please email the librarian.

How do I navigate/browse the collection?

There are three main options for moving through the collection:

  1. Browse All: To view all items in the collection, click the “Search” tab in the menu bar.

  1. Search: To search the collection, enter your keyword(s) into the search bar below the menu bar. Selecting “Advanced Search” provides additional options to refine your results—for example, returning matches for your keyword only in items published in a particular year, or written by a particular author.

  1. Explore a Genre: You can view all items belonging to a particular genre by selecting one of the “Suggested Topic” links at the bottom of the “Home” page or on the left of the “Search” page.

Can I share the items on social media? Use them in my classroom? Sell them on t-shirts?

All items except videos are in the public domain, and free to reproduce or exploit for any purpose via any medium whatsoever. Videos are copyright their respective producers, as indicated in the item record. Permission to reproduce or exploit videos must be secured from the copyright holder.

Can’t you just grant me permission to use a video?


What program do I need to access the PDF documents?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access the PDFs. It can be downloaded free at Adobe’s website.

How can I add a comment to an item?

On the item’s page, open the “Comments” drop-down at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down). Clicking on the “Post a Comment” link will give you the option to add a comment via the text box. All comments are subject to approval by the moderator before becoming publicly visible.

How can I add a tag?

Scroll to the end of the item’s page to find the drop-down menu labelled “Tags.” Clicking “Add Tags” will allow you to type your tag, which can be added by clicking “Save Tags.” Multiple tags can be entered at once, separated by commas. All tags are subject to approval by the moderator before becoming publicly visible.