The Hugo Frank Wallner Great War Digital Library:

Other WWI Resources




    The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century ( The companion site to the late 1990’s PBS production covering the First World War as the world’s first truly global conflict. Strengths rest in interactive maps, a meticulous timeline, and a series of oral histories.


    The National World War I Museum at Liberty Mall ( America’s finest collection of Great   War-era Photographs and a fresh set of online exhibits.


    World War One ( The BBC’s outstanding site is geared to the 100th anniversary of the    conflict. Perhaps the Web’s finest collection of videos addressing the manifold topics of the war: trench warfare, technology, failed diplomacy and much more.


    Imperial War Museums, First World War ( The world’s premier   military museum provides a full encyclopedic treatment of the war with photographs, maps and interpretation of some of the war’s most compelling topics and events.


    United States Library of Congress ( The unquestioned source for photographs and prints   relative to America’s involvement in the Great War. “World War, 1914-1918” is the subject heading to enter for ready access to a bevy of images.



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