How do I access the collection?
The collection can be accessed from the Home page using the Suggested Topics organized by cultural site. It can also be searched through the Browse All page. Users may narrow their browsing by Title, Subject, and Contributor.

What formats are available?
Items in the collection can be found in PDFs, still images, moving images, and hyperlinks.

Can I use the images in the collection?
Unless otherwise stated, images in the collection are available for limited use under the free use doctrine. Please credit the collection when using images.

What program do I need to access the PDF documents?
The PDF documents in the collection are viewable in your web browser. They can be downloaded from the browser and viewed in Adobe Reader.

Are there any restrictions to using this collection?
No, there are no restrictions to using the collection.

Who can I contact with other questions?
Please direct all questions and other comments to Samantha Dickson,

How can I add comments to an item?
Once you have selected an item on which you would like to comment, select the Comments tab below the Item Description. Type your comment and your name and select Post Comment.

How can I add a tag? What is a tag?
Once you have selected an item you wish to tag, select the Tags tab below the Item Description. Type your tags and your name and select Save Tags. Tags allow users to add additional information to items beyond what is already included in the metadata, or descriptive information, of the item.

Are there other related collections?
There are no other related collections at this time.