About the Collection

Record Formats

This collection has three categories of objects: digital surrogates of printed images, essays, and videos. The digital file formats are as follows:

·      Images: JPG or PNG files

·      Essays: PDF files

·      Videos: MP4 files published by YouTube and accessed via hyperlinks


You may view the image and PDF files within the collection website, or download them to your own computer for viewing. All formats may be viewed on multiple programs. The videos may be viewed through YouTube. You may also download videos directly from YouTube through open source software, but please read and adhere to YouTube’s policies regarding content published on its site.



Please note that copyright restrictions apply to some of the objects in this collection. Please pay careful attention to the copyright information provided for each item and seek copyright permissions when necessary if you plan to use or republish any copyrighted material downloaded from this website. If an object is listed as “Public Domain,” there are no restrictions on its use.



Using this Digital Library


Both simple keyword and advanced searching are available. The available advanced searching fields are:

·      Title

·      Artist

·      Author

·      Medium Description

·      Country of Origin

·      Repository for Original Object


You may add up to four search terms per advanced search, selecting “and” to limit results to only objects containing all of the desired terms, or “or” for results containing at least one term between the searched fields.


All fields except “Artist” are natural language fields, so you may type in any number of terms and their variants to find results. For information regarding authorized vocabulary terms, please see section below.


Authorized Terms

The authorities listed here have been used to populate metadata fields in this digital library. They have been used to consistently tag digital records with authorized terminology so that appropriate search terms may be consulted and searched across different collections.


Library of Congress Name Authorities:

·      Artist

·      Publisher

·      Producer

·      Repository for Original Object


Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials:

·      Original Object Type


Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus:

·      Original Object Medium


Media Types: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority:

·      Digital Resource Format


Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names:

·      Country of Origin


Suggested Topics

Suggested topics include each print medium covered by this collection. Click on the links below “Browse suggested topics” on the Collections page navigation bar (on the left) in order to see all sources relating to each type of print. For example, “Etching” will display examples of etchings, tools used to create etchings, an essay about the etching process, and a video demonstration of etching.


Multi-Collection Searching

You may search for results in additional collections by selecting collections from the left-hand drop-down menu. Clicking on searchable fields and terms within individual records will automatically search across all ContentDM collections hosted by this server.


Customizing the Display

Display Options

Select the orange link “Display Options” to switch between the grid and thumbnail view of the collection records and to enable or disable the Quick View option.


Sorting Collection and Search Results

You may sort the collection and search results by clicking on the orange text links to Title, Artist and Digital Resource Format. The collection is automatically sorted by Title. If field properties are empty, they will display first when sorted by that field.  


Contributing to this Digital Library


While sharing via social media has been disabled due to copyright concerns, I encourage users to tag objects with their own terminology. This will help me to better understand how the library’s users understand its content and assist with future collection development.



Please contact Anna Juliar at akjuliar@uwm.edu