How do I access the collection?

The Baptists and the Demise of Des Moines University Collection is currently an open access digital library, located at the URL of:

How do I browse or search within the collection?

Browsing: For those getting to know this collection, a list of Suggested Topics for browsing appears along the left margin. These Suggested Topics include Baptist Bible Union, College Corner, Des Moines University, Highland Park College, and Shields, T. T.

Searching: Search words can be entered into the Search Box. Choosing a New Search starts the process from scratch, while searching Within Results narrows the search within the displayed items. The following searchable fields have been enabled within this collection: Title, Author, Creator, Subject, Description, Date (Original), Type, Digital File Format, Original Collection, City/Place Coverage, and Historical Coverage. Within each item description (which becomes visible after an item is selected), these searchable fields are also live links that bring up other items with the same information in the same field.

Advanced Searching: Clicking the Advanced Search button allows one to narrow the search by All of the words, Any of the words, The exact phrase, and None of the words. The Advanced Search button also enables one to search by Title, Author, Creator, Subject, and Date (Original). Within the Advanced Search mode, composite searches may be formed using and - or options.

What formats are available within the collection?

This collection contains items in the following formats: hyperlink, JPEG, MP3, MP4, PDF, and WMV. In order to access all these items, secondary programs such as Adobe Acrobat (for PDF) and an audiovisual media player may be necessary.

How may I use the items in the collection?

The Baptists and the Demise of Des Moines University Collection provides information and services on the web in furtherance of its non-profit and tax-exempt status. Under U.S. Copyright law, use of the collection items is limited to and protected by Fair Use for private, non-commercial, and education purposes only. In order to publish our resources or to use them commercially, written permission must be obtained from the original publisher(s) who hold copyright of the item(s). Please contact the collection creator and curator ( if you have a question regarding use of an item or need assistance in obtaining such permission. All other rights reserved.

How can I add tags or comments or ratings to an item, or share the item with others?
The Add Tags tab, Comment tab, and Rate tab, which appear near the top of the screen after an item is selected, allow users to post tags and comments. Clicking the Share tab brings up a dropdown menu of options, including Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and other media.

How can I email or print copies of the items?

The Share tab also includes an Email option and Print option in the dropdown menu.

What if I have questions about the collection?

We at the Baptists and the Demise of Des Moines University Collection love to hear from visitors and users! Please email the creator and curator at