Help/FAQ for Mackinac Island Digital Library


Welcome to the Mackinac Island Digital Library Frequently Asked Questions page. Below are a list of commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, comments, or feedback, please use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the website to contact the Digital Library. Additional information is provided on the “About” page linked at the top of the website.


How did you select the content?


The idea for this digital library came from Amy Tucek’s personal collection of photographs of Mackinac Island from her annual visits. Additional items were collected that would enhance the experience of learning about Mackinac Island through videos, audio recordings, and other publicly available photographs from across the web.


How do I access the collection?


You can access the collection by scrolling through the carousel on the “Home” tab or by clicking the “Search” tab. From the “Search” tab, you can view 20 items per page. You can also narrow your search by using the search box on any page of the digital library or browse suggested topics curated by the Digital Library.


What formats are available?


Digital items within this library consist of .jpeg, .pdf, .mpeg or mp4 files, and links to external websites. Additional formats may be added to the collection in the future.


Can I use the images in the collection?


Many items in this digital collection are in the public domain and can be used freely. Copyright status, when known, will be listed under the item under “Copyright.” External websites should be credited to their creators and clearly attributed when used beyond the scope of this collection. Fair Use of copyrighted words does not require approval or permission by the copyright owner, so long as the use meets the requirements written in Section 107 of the US Copyright Laws.


What program do I need to access the PDF documents?


To access the PDF documents contained within this library you will need to have installed on your computer Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be obtained for free by visiting Adobe’s website here:


Who can I contact with other questions?

You may contact the creators of the digital library by clicking the link “Contact Us” located in the lower left hand corner on any page of the digital library.


How can I add comments to an item?


You can comment on any of the items within the digital library. To make a comment, you can either click “comment” above the item’s thumbnail image or scroll to the bottom of the item’s information and click on the comment section. Once approved, your comment will be visible.


How can I add a tag?


You can tag any item within the digital library. To tag an item, you can either click “tag” above the item’s thumbnail image or scroll to the bottom of the item’s information and click on the tag section. Add any additional keywords that you think would help future users find this image, page, etc. Once approved, your tag will be visible and searchable.


How can I report errors or omission?


Please use the “Contact Us” button below and provide as much information as possible in your email. We welcome your contributions!